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Leverage fleet scheduling for disaster response

Dieselgate: avoid Berlin banned Diesel streets

geocoding endpoints overhauled

Dear community, as you might know, we use the fantastic, famously modular Pelias geocoder. However, previously we didn’t have the time and resources to implement all features and datasets the engine has to offer. So, we decided to overhaul the entire service … Read More

avoid obstacles with openrouteservice

In this Jupyter example, we’d like to showchase how to use the direction API and to avoid a number of construction sites while routing.

apartment search with openrouteservice

In this example, we’d like to showcase one way to go about finding an apartment based on data.

places and geocode endpoints will be deprecated from 4.6

With effect from the next major version, the endpoints /geocoding and /places will be deprecated. The ETA is approx July 2018. But fear not, they shall be replaced by superior services. … Read More

optimize your pub crawl with openrouteservice

In this example we show you how to use a Jupyter Notebook with openrouteservice-py to optimize your pub crawl in Berlin!

New feature: Get population count for isochrones

We’re excited about this handy new feature: From now on, you can optionally return the population count for each isochrone you’re calculating. This is an imperative step for inclusive reachability analysis. The dataset, which makes this possible, is published by … Read More

Isochrones – query with a list of ranges

Starting this week, it’s possible to specify a list of ranges when querying isochrones. This will make it a lot easier to calculate arbitrary time or distance ranges, as it’s not bound anymore to fixed interval steps. Thus, the interval … Read More

New Matrix API to speed up batch routing calculations

Admittedly, our Matrix API is anything but new. Already implemented in mid 2017, it’s been soaring to high demand by numerous business clients across the globe ever since. Finally we want to give it the credit it deserves. The ORS … Read More