Updating the OSM street network… frequently!


We’re very happy to announce two more important core features for our services:

  1. Weekly OSM planet.pbf update!
  2. md5 checksum included in response!

How old is the OpenStreetMap planet file which was used to build the openrouteservice road network? This is a question many of you have asked over the past. To this end, we finally added one very simple feature to the API response, namely the specific md5 checksum of the planet file which was used. You will find it in the information block – here a simple example:

"info": {
"attribution": "openrouteservice.org | OpenStreetMap contributors",
"osm_file_md5_hash": "3cf93f78507dd63f479e558854b55acb",
"engine": {
"version": "4.4.0",
"build_date": "2018-01-19T13:50:52Z"

Happy routing!