revamped developers dashboard

We are happy to announce the release of our new developer dashboard.

With this new dashboard our objective was to create a more intuitive user experience. The new dashboard is also mobile responsive, so all the functionalities can be easily used with your smartphone. To achieve this we have created a decoupled and modular front-end app which communicates with our CMS. This solution was created using VueJs, Vuetify and Vuechart. Due to the architecture we have new features on the roadmap which can be added to this dashboard more easily.


Some features

  • Authentication
  • Tokens listing, removal, creation
  • Tokens usage chart
  • Profile view/update
  • Login with Github (with one click)
  • Login with Github even if you have not registered with it (if the emails match)
  • Sign up (one click sign up with Github)
  • More intuitive and smart forms validation
  • Invisible captcha


Tokens listing and usage chart


Tokens details and usage chart


View in mobile devices


Authentication screen in a mobile device
Side menu open in mobile devices

New sign up form with one click registration

New sign up form with smarter validation and flow