Frequently asked questions

What happens if your quota exceeds limits?

You will be notified by the API that your quota has been reached. It will be reset every 24 hours. If you are looking for more requests than we offer please contact us.

What to do if you experience a bug in the API?

Please add an issue on github and let us know what it is about.

The results seem to be wrong or faulty?

Openrouteservice is built with open data, such as OpenStreetMap. This data doesn’t necessarily have to be complete. There exist regions over the globe which feature rather sparse data which may have an influence on the routes or geocoding results.

You would like to host openrouteservice yourself?

We offer the possibility to host openrouteservice on-premise. Follow the instructions on github and please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

You are looking for a premium plan of the API?

If you are interested in obtaining a premium openrouteservice plan, please contact us.

You are missing a specific mode of transport?

Most of our modes of transport we offer have been created at the request of the openrouteservice community. Please contact us if you have any great ideas for new profile, we would love to hear them.

How often do we update the routing network?

Our update process is triggered once a new planet file appears and takes about 4-5 days until the old network is replaced.