Dieselgate: avoid Berlin banned Diesel streets

Dieselgate Routing

Note: All notebooks need the environment dependencies as well as an openrouteservice API key to run

From the year 2019 on, Berlin will impose the Diesel ban. The following streets will be affected: Leipziger Straße, Reinhardstraße, Friedrichstraße, Brückenstraße, Kapweg, Alt-Moabit, Stromstraße und Leonorenstraße.

As a showcase, we'll have a look how the frequent visits of Angela Merkel to the German Currywurst Museum (solely inferred from superficial research) will change its route from 2019. You'll find remarkable similarities.

In [1]:
from openrouteservice import client
import folium
from shapely.geometry import LineString, mapping
from shapely.ops import cascaded_union

def style_function(color):  # To style data
    return lambda feature: dict(color=color,
                                weight=4, )

Regular Route

So far: The shortest route for a car from A to B.

In [2]:
# Basic parameters
api_key = 'your_key'  # https://openrouteservice.org/sign-up
ors = client.Client(key=api_key)

map_berlin = folium.Map(tiles='https://{s}.tile.openstreetmap.org/{z}/{x}/{y}.png',
                        attr='&copy; <a href="https://openstreetmap.org/copyright">OpenStreetMap contributors</a>',
                        location=([52.516586, 13.381047]),
                        zoom_start=13.5)  # Create map

popup_route = "<h4>{0} route</h4><hr>" \
              "<strong>Duration: </strong>{1:.1f} mins<br>" \
              "<strong>Distance: </strong>{2:.3f} km"

# Request route
coordinates = [[13.372582, 52.520295], [13.391476, 52.508856]]
direction_params = {'coordinates': coordinates,
                    'profile': 'driving-car',
                    'format_out': 'geojson',
                    'preference': 'shortest',
                    'geometry': 'true'}

regular_route = ors.directions(**direction_params)  # Direction request

# Build popup
distance, duration = regular_route['features'][0]['properties']['summary'].values()
popup = folium.map.Popup(popup_route.format('Regular',
                                            duration / 60,
                                            distance / 1000))

gj = folium.GeoJson(regular_route,
                    name='Regular Route',
                    style_function=style_function('blue')) \
    .add_child(popup) \

folium.Marker(list(reversed(coordinates[0])), popup='Bundeskanzleramt').add_to(map_berlin)
folium.Marker(list(reversed(coordinates[1])), popup='Deutsches Currywurst Museum').add_to(map_berlin)
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Dieselgate Routing

Coming soon: The shortest route for a Diesel driver, which must avoid the blackish areas. Then, affected cars can't cross Friedrichstraße anymore. See for yourself:

In [3]:
# Start and destination coordinates of affectes streets
avoid_streets = [{'name': 'Friedrichstraße', 'coords': [[13.390478, 52.506805], [13.387141, 52.52696]]},
                 {'name': 'Leiziger Straße', 'coords': [[13.377807, 52.509587], [13.401142, 52.511291]]},
                 {'name': 'Brückenstraße', 'coords': [[13.416549, 52.511141], [13.417686, 52.513531]]},
                 {'name': 'Alt-Moabit', 'coords': [[13.327618, 52.524322], [13.367872, 52.522325]]},
                 {'name': 'Stromstraße', 'coords': [[13.342155, 52.523474], [13.343239, 52.531555]]}]

# Affected streets
buffer = []
for street in avoid_streets:
    avoid_params = {'coordinates': street['coords'],
                    'profile': 'driving-car',
                    'format_out': 'geojson',
                    'preference': 'shortest',
                    'geometry': 'true'}
    avoid_request = ors.directions(**avoid_params)
    coords = avoid_request['features'][0]['geometry']['coordinates']
    route_buffer = LineString(coords).buffer(0.0005)  # Create geometry buffer
    folium.vector_layers.Polygon([(y, x) for x, y in list(route_buffer.exterior.coords)],
                                 popup=street['name'], ).add_to(map_berlin)
    simp_geom = route_buffer.simplify(0.005)  # Simplify geometry for better handling
union_buffer = cascaded_union(buffer)
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If they are serious about it, this will be the route while avoiding the banned areas:

In [4]:
# New routing with avoided streets
diesel_request = {'coordinates': coordinates,
                  'format_out': 'geojson',
                  'profile': 'driving-car',
                  'preference': 'shortest',
                  'instructions': False,
                  'options': {'avoid_polygons': mapping(union_buffer)}}
route_diesel = ors.directions(**diesel_request)

# Build popup
distance, duration = route_diesel['features'][0]['properties']['summary'].values()
popup = folium.map.Popup(popup_route.format('Diesel Route',
                                            duration / 60,
                                            distance / 1000))

               name='Route after Jan 2019').add_child(popup).add_to(map_berlin)

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Now, here it should be noted, that our dear Chancellor would have to drive a detour of more than 1.5 times the current distance, imposing 50% more pollution on Berlin's residents, just to enjoy the history of the Currywurst. Click on the routes to see for yourself.

At least Friedrichstraße is safe soon!