Dieselgate: avoid Berlin banned Diesel streets

Dieselgate Routing

From the year 2019 on, Berlin will impose the Diesel ban. The following streets will be affected: Leipziger Straße, Reinhardstraße, Friedrichstraße, Brückenstraße, Kapweg, Alt-Moabit, Stromstraße und Leonorenstraße.

As a showcase, we'll have a look how the frequent visits of Angela Merkel to the German Currywurst Museum (solely inferred from superficial research) will change its route from 2019. You'll find remarkable similarities.

In [1]:
# Needed packages
from openrouteservice import client
import folium
from shapely.geometry import LineString, Polygon, mapping
from shapely.ops import cascaded_union
import time

def style_function(color): # To style data
    return lambda feature: dict(color=color,

Regular Route

So far: The shortest route for a car from A to B.

In [2]:
# Basic parameters
api_key = 'your_key' #https://openrouteservice.org/sign-up
clnt = client.Client(key=api_key)

map_berlin = folium.Map(tiles='https://{s}.tile.openstreetmap.org/{z}/{x}/{y}.png',
                        attr='&copy; <a href="https://openstreetmap.org/copyright">OpenStreetMap contributors</a>',
                        location=([52.516586, 13.381047]),
                        zoom_start=13.5) # Create map

popup_route = "<h4>{0} route</h4><hr>" \
             "<strong>Duration: </strong>{1:.1f} mins<br>" \
             "<strong>Distance: </strong>{2:.3f} km"

# Request route
coordinates = [[13.372582, 52.520295], [13.391476, 52.508856]]
direction_params = {'coordinates': coordinates,
                    'profile': 'driving-car',
                    'format_out': 'geojson',
                    'preference': 'shortest',
                    'geometry': 'true'}

regular_route = clnt.directions(**direction_params) # Direction request

# Build popup
distance, duration = regular_route['features'][0]['properties']['summary'].values()
popup = folium.map.Popup(popup_route.format('Regular',

gj= folium.GeoJson(regular_route,
                   name='Regular Route',
                   style_function=style_function('blue')) \

folium.Marker(list(reversed(coordinates[0])), popup='Bundeskanzleramt').add_to(map_berlin)
folium.Marker(list(reversed(coordinates[1])), popup='Deutsches Currywurst Museum').add_to(map_berlin)
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Dieselgate Routing

Coming soon: The shortest route for a Diesel driver, which must avoid the blackish areas. Then, affected cars can't cross Friedrichstraße anymore. But see for yourself:

In [3]:
# Start and destination coordinates of affectes streets
avoid_streets = [{'name':'Friedrichstraße', 'coords': [[13.390478, 52.506805], [13.387141, 52.52696]]},
                 {'name': 'Leiziger Straße', 'coords': [[13.377807, 52.509587], [13.401142, 52.511291]]},
                 {'name': 'Brückenstraße', 'coords': [[13.416549, 52.511141], [13.417686, 52.513531]]},
                 {'name': 'Alt-Moabit', 'coords': [[13.327618, 52.524322], [13.367872, 52.522325]]},
                 {'name': 'Stromstraße', 'coords': [[13.342155, 52.523474], [13.343239, 52.531555]]}]

# Affected streets
buffer = []
for street in avoid_streets:
    avoid_params = {'coordinates': street['coords'],
                    'profile': 'driving-car',
                    'format_out': 'geojson',
                    'preference': 'shortest',
                    'geometry': 'true'}
    avoid_request = clnt.directions(**avoid_params)
    coords = avoid_request['features'][0]['geometry']['coordinates']
    route_buffer = LineString(coords).buffer(0.0005) # Create geometry buffer
    folium.vector_layers.Polygon([(y,x) for x,y in list(route_buffer.exterior.coords)],
    simp_geom = route_buffer.simplify(0.005) # Simplify geometry for better handling
union_buffer = cascaded_union(buffer)
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If they are serious about it, this will be the route while avoiding the banned areas:

In [4]:
# New routing with avoided streets
diesel_request = {'coordinates': coordinates,
                'format_out': 'geojson',
                'profile': 'driving-car',
                'preference': 'shortest',
                'instructions': False,
                 'options': {'avoid_polygons': mapping(union_buffer)}}
route_diesel = clnt.directions(**diesel_request)

# Build popup
distance, duration = route_diesel['features'][0]['properties']['summary'].values()
popup = folium.map.Popup(popup_route.format('Diesel Route',

               name='Route after Jan 2019').add_child(popup).add_to(map_berlin)

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Now, here it should be noted, that our dear Chancellor would have to drive a detour of more than 1.5 times the current distance, imposing 50% more pollution on Berlin's residents, just to enjoy the history of the Currywurst. Click on the routes to see for yourself.

At least Friedrichstraße is safe soon!