places and geocode endpoints will be deprecated from 4.6

With effect from the next major version, the endpoints /geocoding and /places will be deprecated. The ETA is approx July 2018. But fear not, they shall be replaced by superior services. … Read More

openrouteservice turns 10

Exactly 10 years ago came online for the very first time. Back then it was the very first online routing service consuming data from covering larger areas. So to say it is ‘the original’ OSM routing service. It … Read More

openpoiservice – points of interest from openstreetmap

Once again we are extremely excited to announce a new open source project we have been working on over the past few months. To honor the name, we have coined it openpoiservice and it has the simple task of finding … Read More

optimize your pub crawl with openrouteservice

In this example we show you how to use a Jupyter Notebook with openrouteservice-py to optimize your pub crawl in Berlin!

New feature: Get population count for isochrones

We’re excited about this handy new feature: From now on, you can optionally return the population count for each isochrone you’re calculating. This is an imperative step for inclusive reachability analysis. The dataset, which makes this possible, is published by … Read More

Avoid countries? Yes we can!

Border restrictions are here! Have you ever wanted to route between countries in Europe but only cross Schengen borders? Or maybe route from Detroit to Buffalo without crossing into Canada? Well now with openrouteservice you can! With the introduction of … Read More

Isochrones – query with a list of ranges

Starting this week, it’s possible to specify a list of ranges when querying isochrones. This will make it a lot easier to calculate arbitrary time or distance ranges, as it’s not bound anymore to fixed interval steps. Thus, the interval … Read More

Openrouteservice goes python.

Yes, good news! We have finally developed a pretty handy python API for all of you pythoniasts out there. This library makes requests to the openrouteservice API dead simple. Find the sources on GitHub and install it via PyPi. It … Read More

Updating the OSM street network… frequently!

We’re very happy to announce two more important core features for our services: Weekly OSM planet.pbf update! md5 checksum included in response! How old is the OpenStreetMap planet file which was used to build the openrouteservice road network? This is … Read More

ORS now responds in gpx!

Probably all of you have had the requirement of transforming formats into other formats. There are many ways to do so but every time it’s one more step of work. And honestly, this can become quite annoying. To this end, … Read More