In this example, we’d like to showcase one way to go about finding an apartment based on data.

New embedded mode for openrouteservice maps client

The development of the new openrouteservice maps client brought new features and one of them is the embedded mode that allows it to show routes, isochrones and map objects on other websites. Webmasters and editors can now embed geographic features … Read More

Leverage fleet scheduling for disaster response

Dieselgate: avoid Berlin banned Diesel streets

Example: Avoid flooded Areas with ORS

healthcare access analysis in madagascar

Please visit the following link to view this notebook:

revamped developers dashboard

We are happy to announce the release of our new developer dashboard. With this new dashboard our objective was to create a more intuitive user experience. The new dashboard is also mobile responsive, so all the functionalities can be easily … Read More

avoid obstacles with openrouteservice

apartment search with openrouteservice

openrouteservice goes R

Great news for all R enthusiasts: we have developed a package to facilitate querying openrouteservice API from R. The latest version can be installed directly from GitHub with devtools::install_github(“GIScience/openrouteservice-r”). It’s really easy to get started. For example, finding a route … Read More