In this example, we’d like to showcase one way to go about finding an apartment based on data.

Leverage fleet scheduling for disaster response

Dieselgate: avoid Berlin banned Diesel streets

Example: Avoid flooded Areas with ORS

healthcare access analysis in madagascar

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revamped developers dashboard

We are happy to announce the release of our new developer dashboard. With this new dashboard our objective was to create a more intuitive user experience. The new dashboard is also mobile responsive, so all the functionalities can be easily … Read More

avoid obstacles with openrouteservice

apartment search with openrouteservice

openrouteservice goes R

Great news for all R enthusiasts: we have developed a package to facilitate querying openrouteservice API from R. The latest version can be installed directly from GitHub with devtools::install_github(“GIScience/openrouteservice-r”). It’s really easy to get started. For example, finding a route … Read More

optimize your pub crawl with openrouteservice